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James Gordon has come a long way from a simple rookie policeman to the head of the police Department. On his way there were many accidents, betrayals and humiliations, but he managed to overcome everything and achieve what he achieved. But on his way are still the most dangerous criminals of the city, such as Penguin, Cat Woman, two-Faced, Joker and Riddler. They do not sleep at night, leaving the dungeon to commit new crimes. Residents are afraid to leave their homes, because the crime situation is very deplorable. James has a great assistant - Harvey bullock, who knows everything and everyone in this city, together these guys can find anyone and achieve any results.
a Great series-soaked atmosphere of crime. Gotham-a kind of dystopian city in which good and evil has long changed places, and honest police weight in gold. They still want to fix it, but it's too late…

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