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the world is in the spotlight of history, which some unexpectedly lost its magical properties. The magic is gone, and people have lost the ability to cast spells, to obtain the desired effect. It got boring. However, the disappearance of magic allowed people to recall their original nature: they are social creatures, so the relationship with each other - an important part of life. The main characters of this show - schoolgirl, whose meeting changes the life of the two girls. Mangetsu Kohinaka whole life spent in Japan, so it is imbued with the unique culture of this Asian country. However, a meeting with Singtsetsu furako force her to become another, because newfound friend came from Germany, where she studied for a long time, European culture and lived among the pedantic and punctual Germans. Now, human qualities are praised as the highest value, so what we have learned in Europe, the heroine, is very useful in her homeland. Return Singtsetsu marked by the full moon, which is a very clear sign of things to come.

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