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A documentary mini-series about animals by American Director Leslie Schwerin. It was attended by such famous figures as Alec Baldwin, Peter Coyote, Thomas Fritsch.Those who are interested in Zoology, know that various representatives of fauna periodically removed from the" familiar" places and go on a long journey. So they change their habitat. As a rule, migrations are carried out by them in large numbers, and this is a very exciting sight. The purpose of resettlement is that in the former territory the living conditions cease to be suitable for the survival of this species. And in search of a new"home" animals, birds, fish go on a dangerous and long journey. Probably, many viewers watched with my own eyes how the fall of a string of flocks of birds fly North to warmer climes and spring back. Such mass movement lasts for many centuries and is connected with climatic features in different districts. In rivers and seas almost also at some time removed from the usual place shoals of fish and go somewhere to spawn. This film provides an opportunity to observe these amazing processes and understand their background. It is worth noting that in recent years, most of the migration occurs for environmental reasons, and the climate is changing dramatically quickly due to global warming, which is again associated with the environment. Therefore, animals have to solve the problems of survival.

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