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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
The policemen from Großstadtrevier in Hamburg's St. Pauli bring in 1986 on the television channel ARD large sharks and small fish to the track. Since the start of production the workforce of the 14th mining area changed hands several times, but some policemen as Dirk Matthies or Hariklia Möller their neighborhood for more than 20 years faithful. Not only the criminal cases are at the forefront, but also the private lives of officials and the relationship among colleagues and the environment of the Port of Hamburg.    Main characters of Großstadtrevier Dirk Matthies (Jan Fedder) took up his duties at the police station in St. Pauli before decades. The cult cop hiding behind its Nordic-cool style a big heart and is known for its wide snout. If any of talks on the Reeperbahn "the bull" all know who is meant. Matthies grew up in St. Pauli and remains true to his district all his life. In his free time, he spends many hours in his neighborhood, especially at the bar of his favorite pub - especially now that he is no longer in full-time as a patrolman on duty.    Paul Dänning (Jens Münchow) than native Flensburger a real Northern Lights. It is provided as a new partner to the side Matthies. After initial coolness two moult at an excellent duo on patrol in St. Pauli. More sad is Dänning when Matthies need to cut back professionally. The talkative man is an experienced police officer who always raises the question of law and justice.    Hariklia Moeller (Maria Ketikidou), called Harry belongs to the team's veteran. The sympathetic Halbgriechin is Zivilfahnderin in Großstadtrevier. Colleagues of the Commissariat 14 are also their family. She feels in St. Pauli well as investigator draws particular strength from their empathy and their balance. (JB)

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