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  • Genres:
  • Western
  • Documentary
Filmed in the documentary-historical genre of the series allows viewers to watch from the side of the uncompromising struggle between the authorities of the criminal world of the Wild West. While every now and then there were battles for power and honor, society tried to approve the law and to establish an order in the new country. The twentieth century was not easy for life. In order not to sink, it was necessary to have a strong spirit and incredible skill. Only in this way it was possible to resist with dignity the villains-bandits, armed to the teeth. the Authors of the series have done a great job. They were able to realize the staged reconstruction of serious criminal episodes that went down in history. One of the episodes will tell the audience the case that occurred in the town of Tumstone. It was a brutal confrontation, the cause of which lies in the fact that the authorities left unpunished killers-the cowboys. There had to be a daredevil who will not be afraid to restore justice and will force villains to receive the revenge. This brave man was one soldier who returned home after a long absence. He intends to avenge the death of his brothers and for this is ready to go to the end. The finale of this amazing and tragic story you can see for yourself.

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