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Throughout her long and continuous action GZSZ told the story of several young people in Berlin. Besides unrealistic resumes, they often find themselves in emotional and social entanglements. Love, separation, intrigue, conflict, power struggles, drugs, crime, and deaths are commonplace and give plot and the characters always room for development.    Recurring elements of the lives of people shown are education and training, achievements in the fashion, journalism, hospitality area, without any previous qualification. Kidnappings, rapes and the like give the action of the driven character of action constant source of inspiration.    too old become actors are constantly replaced by new ones, so that the possibility of identification is ensured with a youthful audience over the years. As a result of this constant change of actors and roles, although entirely new characters while also long-lost or unknown relatives of already more established figures are always reintroduced presented. There are currently only four roles that were from the beginning of the series there and be a constant:    Frank Thomas Mende Clemens Richter    Lisa Riecken Elisabeth as Meinhart    Wolfgang Bahro as Jo Gerner    Hans Christiani as A. R. Daniel    Background Good Times, Bad Times runs from Monday to Friday at 19:40. Each episode lasts about 24 minutes. the series of Ufa / Grundy in Potsdam / Babelsberg is produced.    When the series had been established against the predictions of media and cultural workers in 1993, RTL also began to exploit cross-media series. In addition to various publishing stories in book form, has its own set of CDs, compilations of current pop songs (but not a soundtrack to the series) include, as well as a short-lived spin-off series called Großstadtträume.    Over the years it came again and again to guest appearances by well-known actors, but also celebrities, musicians and politicians. These include Brigitte Mira, rose pride, Gerhard Schröder, Thomas Gottschalk, Klaus Wowereit, LaFee, Hape Kerkeling, Jennifer Lopez, Barbara Valentin, Nena u.v.m.    Awards 1999: Bambi for Best Series    2003: German Television Award for Best Daily Broadcast

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