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Drama serial Thriller from British Director Peter Sasdy and screenwriter Jeremy Burnham. Starring Christopher Chasnov and Nicholas ball.Immerse yourself with the characters of thirteen stories in an exciting and heartbreaking hellish world filled with merciless mystical creatures, demons, witches, powerful vampires, walking dead and restless ghosts, which will plunge into fear and indescribable horror of anyone who dares to step foot on the forbidden black magic territory. Negative characters of series cause disgust, strike, but at the same time and bewitch the inhuman cruelty and ruthlessness. The storyline unfolds in a rather cute and scenic country, which differs manicured streets and distinctive, but quite harmless customs of the inhabitants. However, such a bright and quiet Paradise is actually a hell of a cauldron, which brewed the most terrible creatures and reptiles, which you could not imagine even in the most terrible nightmares. They appear at the most inopportune moment in human homes, terrorizing defenseless men, women and children. Anyone who at least for a moment will lose vigilance or will show inattention, in an instant will become an unfortunate victim who due to lack of skill and care will pay with his life. Will anyone be able to survive and not fall into the abyss of hell opened?

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