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  • Drama
The series is set around a very powerful man, a powerful judge. In his hometown, the hero took justice into his own hands. All the crimes that happen, one way or another pleasing to him. O holds everything in his power and many people are in his control. Having such a situation, sooner or later a person goes crazy. So the main character gradually began to suffer from delusions of grandeur and began to equate himself with the Almighty. However, events that occurred soon caused him to descend from heaven to earth.
the main character's Son decided to commit suicide, but fortunately he was saved in time. An influential person blames himself first of all for everything that happened. He decides it's a punishment from the Lord for all the dark things he's done. Now he takes action to change his life in the roots. He began with the fact that he put behind bars all his friends, who, thanks to his high position, with impunity turned their scams. Now he does his job in good faith: honestly judges people on their cases, looking for real criminals and punishes them. And what if someone is not satisfied with the changes, and someone wants to intervene?

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