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Original Title: Happy Town
  • Genres:
  • Mystery
Channel: ABC
Creators: Scott Rosenberg,André Nemec
Language: English
Description: Elena - beautiful girl-photographer, whose way of life has a typical women: she cooks, sometimes crying from exhaustion and gossips with his colleague on a lunch break. The only thing that distinguishes her from other characters is the fact that she's a werewolf. The first season has already told us how exactly this happened-the main character was bitten by her young man and now she has to put up with this state of Affairs until the end of her days. She tries to carefully hide her feature, but with each new attack of reincarnation, it becomes more and more difficult for a woman not only to cope with herself, but also to recognize her own doom. In the second season, this story will continue, but in even more vivid colors, firstly, the girl almost lose her favorite occupation, and secondly, she will have to accept the great loss, which will be extremely unexpected for her. What exactly will happen to Elena and how she will cope with all the problems that have fallen on her is not yet clear, but in the first season of this serial drama, the heroine showed her steadfast character, which means that the continuation of the story and the solution to the problems will be very spectacular.

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