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They did not know each other until the day before in a Moscow club they are not poisoned by an unknown poison. And now to those who died on the spot, and was delayed by 72 hours of death, will perform several tasks mysterious puppeteer, who has the world's only antidote. If jobs are met, the award for the survivors will be the antidote. In the role of "Treasure Island map" - a mystical, full of surprises heritage of Jacob Bruce - an associate of Peter I, popularly reputed witch and warlock. However, to take possession of this legacy, the heroes have to go through the very real trials that some of them will cost you life. Dangerous quest from the first minute pays off - the characters are immersed in a world of secrets of the past, about which few people know of his contemporaries. One mystery is intertwined with the other, modern life mixed with the past. It turns out that Moscow is full of strange mysteries and secrets, which would have envied himself Professor Robert Langdon of "The Da Vinci Code." Losing friends, a team of young people moving forward, solving complex puzzles and getting out of the jaws of death in the last minute. At the end of the road waiting for the survivors gloomy mansion Bruce. It was there when all the threads converge into one, and the mysteries of finding answers, the heroes have to find out who is behind this deadly quest for and why its passage they were chosen.

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