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The series of action caretaker Krause does not have a continuous story arc, but the characters are confronted every episode again with various mistakes, mishaps and misunderstandings that are resolved in the course of each episode. In the center of the action is caretaker Krause and his family who live in the Cologne-Kalk 2000s.    Main characters Dieter Krause (Tom Gerhardt) is caretaker of the condominium Kalker Weg 5 in Cologne-Kalk in which he lived and the caretaker's house. He goes his duties with such zeal that he wears his work clothes in his spare time: a blue-gray coat and a brown Cordhut. He is in the residential complex known to enforce the order with extremely pedantic and rigid means; his favorite and only hobby is his dachshund Bodo & # 8211; with his pet's caretaker Krause Member of Cologne Dachshund Club KTC 1881 e.V., where it has the office of the secretary held. He would like to ascend to the president of the association, but his attempts always fail on its own incompetence.    Elisabeth Krause (Irene Black) is the wife of caretaker Krause. She goes completely in the role of housewife and mother and cared for her husband and children. They often tried by hasty actions under his caretaker profession restrain her husband & # 8211; usually without success. Now and then she dreams of a prosperous life with occasional holiday trips to Wipperfurth.    Carmen Krause (Janine Kunze) is the daughter of Dieter and Elisabeth Krause. She puts a lot of pride in their appearance and has, thanks to its permissive nature many male admirers. Carmen is not seher intelligent & # 8211; it has already been made several times by the theoretical exam as part of their hairdressers teaching.    Thomas Krause (Axel Stein) is the son of Dieter and Elisabeth Krause. He, too, is not blessed as his sister with a great deal acumen in school he collects in almost all subjects bad grades. Its characteristic clothing consists of a short pants, a worn over a brightly colored T-shirt denim vest and a dark stocking cap. & # 8220; Tommie & # 8221; in contrast to his sister problem to land with the opposite sex; He is an avid consumer of Pronoheften.    Background The characters of the series are based on Tom Gerhardt film full normaaal and bear the same name, but do not comply with them fully.    Caretaker Krause is produced by Bernd Eichinger Herman Weigel and running for the premiere episode of 18 January 1999 consistent on Sat.1.