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Highway 401 is considered the busiest in Ontario. There constantly passes a huge number of cars and often there are accidents because of such accumulation. In order to cope with such difficulties, a group of rescuers is constantly in the workplace and strives to do everything to arrive as early as possible to the place and understand what happened, and at the same time and help those people who were in trouble. Moreover, it is their responsibility as soon as possible to deal with the rubble that usually occurs in these parts. In this area, the snow often falls in large numbers, which overlaps the movement. and men have repeatedly shown how deftly they cope with all these difficulties. And sometimes you need a few hours to clean up the rubble and pull the car that came under them. Movement for a long time can not be stopped, because they have not just deal with everything that awaits them. However, what really have to face this time rescuers and how they will deal with all the difficulties that only fall on them? They have repeatedly shown that they are capable of much, but what can surprise them?

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