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The Japanese anime series Heidi told based on the novel template of the Swiss author Johanna Spyri the story of the orphan Heidi. This growing after the death of her parents with her aunt Dete. That nothing is permanent and everything will change sooner or later in life, Heidi has also experience in children five years. Her aunt assumes a position in Frankfurt and so the really cheerful minded Heidi is sent to her grandfather, the grumpy Alm-Uncle to the pasture. Although it initially lack of communication, both used the time together and also the goat boy Peter is found in Heidi's friends again. are sunny days, green grass and the peaceful pasture high in the mountains that follows. However, Heidi's carefree life strikes again to abruptly returns as Aunt Dete out of the city into the home. Instead of recognizing Heidi's joy and love of nature, she takes the child to Frankfurt.    Once in the city, it is to make and learn together with their reading, writing and arithmetic (the disabled Klara) company of the daughter of a wealthy businessman. Although Heidi missed the rural life on the pasture, she befriends finally with Clare at what Miss Meier gang, the strict housekeeper, do not like. While this realizes that, because of their bondage to play Klara to a wheelchair is difficult with other children from the neighborhood, yet they can the girl from the Alps simply not stand. In addition to this conflict, Heidi craves more and more to her grandfather, Peter and the mountains. After the homesickness has so assumed a large extent that Heidi already of wanders at night sleepwalking, she may finally back home. Klara promises eventually comply. When it's time during the summer and the friend from Frankfurt arrives on the pasture, the events seem to close almost a miracle: thanks to nature and fresh mountain air Klara's health improved.    The main characters in Heidi    Heidi The orphan Heidi (with Taufnahmen Adelheid), is a fun-loving and sometimes naive girl. Thanks to their insatiable curiosity, she wants to discover every secret of their environment and so comes in tricky situations.    Peter The mumps (or goatherd Peter called) is in the course of the series to Heidi's best friend. The rascal catches occasionally unnecessary trouble and is not even the most diligent at school. Nevertheless, he is actually a good boy who tends the goats of the village. He lives in a hut below the mountain pasture of the Aim-Uncle with his mother Brigitte and his blind grandmother.    Aim-Uncle The Aim-Uncle (or Alpöhi also called) lives like a hermit in a hut on the mountain pasture. From the people from the next village pretty deposited, it is his granddaughter Heidi that animates her grandfather again to go under people ,    Klara Sesemann The disabled girl is confined to a wheelchair and the daughter of a wealthy merchant from Frankfurt. Her father is constantly on business trips and Miss Meier gang is also not an ideal mother substitute. As you come Heidi just right as a friend.    Miss Meier gang The eternal bridesmaid is responsible for the budget in the Sesemanns. She takes care of Clare and later to Heidi, this task, however, perceives only a very harsh disciplinarian of the old school.    Backgrounds to Heidi Heidi is a Japanese anime series produced by Nippon Animation. It is based on the novel template of the Swiss author Johanna Spyri and was produced 1974th    The length of the 52 episodes is 25 minutes and the premiere took place on the Japanese television station Fuji TV on January 6, 1974th In Germany, the series was in 1977 to admire for the first time on ZDF.    Likewise, Heidi an early collaboration between Isao Takahata and Hayao Miyazaki. This later formed the Anime Studio Ghibli, which conjures up the movie screens even today qualitatively valuable film of the Japanese cartoon art. Among other works, such as Princess Mononoke, Castle in the Sky or Spirited Away.

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