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Original Title: Hell Below
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Channel: Smithsonian Channel
Language: English
Description: New Yorkers are faced with an extremely frightening incident: in the parking lot, where there are tournaments in wrestling, there are two men with swords. At first it seems fun and harmless fun, but one of them decapitated and the opponent in a hurry to escape from the police, but it is not possible. During the interrogation, he said that his name is Nash and he owns an antique shop, but this is only partly true. In fact, the protagonist - a Scottish knight Connor MacLeod, who, for unexplained reasons, science rose and fell from his sixteenth century into the twentieth. Along with him in the city is and Victor Kruger, who in a past life was a knight Kurgan. This man was the greatest enemy of Connor, he contributed to the expulsion of the MacLeod clan killed a mentor, he quarreled with his wife. Once upon a time the teacher of fencing Nash said that he is immortal, but to destroy it can only be beheaded. Connor remembers his old life, when he participated in a duel, fought for the attention of women, defended the honor of friends. It was the death of a comrade served as the outbreak of the Cold War with Barrow, who is also immortal. But in the ancient prophecy it says that in the world there can be only one person who will live forever. Met in New York, the men realize that the living will be only one of them, the showdown will affect the life of all mankind.

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