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The Japanese anime series Hellsing (OT: Herushingu) based on the eponymous manga written by Kouta Hirano. Accordingly, the history of the series based on the storyline of the original. In the thick of it there is a secret underground organization called Hellsing which draws against vampires and otherwise creatures of darkness into battle. The world plays in the Hellsing, is a fictional. Nevertheless, obvious references to current events of the day on Earth are present. The Protestant Hellsing Order was founded on behalf of the Crown of Great Britain and the population of the island protected for several centuries from malicious monsters.    Recently, however, not only the virgin drive (that real vampires), but also the freaks (thanks to an implanted computer chip artificially created vampires) mischief. Since the growth of this rapidly out of control, the Hellsing organization commissioned the bloodsuckers Alucard and Seras his aide thus to curb the proliferation of freaks. But that are not alone: ​​even the competing department of the Vatican, the 13th Division Iscariot, is on the heels of the two - not to mention the Nazi group Millennium, which is planning a vampire army's invasion of England.    Main Characters of Hellsing    Lady Integra Wingate Hellsing is the thinking and directing head of the Hellsing Order. As the only woman in the Round Table (a council of all the secret organizations in the UK) she has learned to independently make decisions and impose their will against male supremacy. Her father, Arthur Hellsing, died when Integra was just 13 years old. She then became the head of the Knights, who calls himself Hellsing.    Alucard is one of the vampires of the pure variety. Over 20 years ago he was captured by Arthur Hellsing, covered with seals and locked up in the dungeon of Hellsing complex. After Integra is followed in the footsteps of her father, she has freed Alucard, as he protects them from their power-hungry uncle. Since this drastic experience both a special bond of friendship and Alucard combines has dedicated his obedience Integra.    Seras Victoria is actually a normal person and worked as a police officer. During a confrontation with the freaks but was mortally wounded. At the last second Alucard took the initiative and turned Seras into a vampire to save her. Thereupon Seras decided to consider Alucard as their master, to learn from him. Since then, the two an unbeatable team, although Seras had to get used to their new state.    Walter Cumm aka aka Dolneaz Dornez knows Alucard already a very long time. During World War II, the two fought together against the Nazis. Later, Walter took over the role of the servant of the Hellsing family and became a bodyguard of Integra. Walter is like a tower of strength: quiet, calculating, and concentrated. However, if the situation requires it, nothing and no one to stop the bloodshed can him.    Alexander Anderson is a member of the 13th Division Iscariot and thus fighting on the side of the Vatican. To his preferred main weapon has a ceremony bayonet, which has the shape of a sword. In addition, Father Alexander served on the pages of the Bible to use them in the fight against his opponents. What makes him act otherwise virtually immortal: Father Alexander can regenerate and survive in extreme cases even a headshot incredibly fast.    Background information about Hellsing    Hellsing is based on the ten-part manga series of the same name. This was made by signatory Kouta Hirano in 1997 and transformed in 2001 by GONZO Studios in an anime series. The first and only season includes 13 episodes with a respective running length of 25 minutes. The premiere of the format took place on 10 October 2001 on Fuji TV. The plot of the series focuses mainly on the first two volumes of the manga. After that, the serial adaptations is a completely different way than their underlying original literary work. In addition, since 2005 an OVA (original video animation) is produced, entitled Hellsing Ultimate OVA. This will again teach the famous storyline of the manga. The crucial difference, however, is that an episode of Hellsing Ultimate exactly corresponds to a volume of the original. Consequently, the OVA focuses more on the history of Kouta Hirano than the Hellsing series from 2001. (MH)

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