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Could our hero a year ago to think that he would become an assistant of this superhero? Yes, Henry dreamed of, but dared not to think that dream will become a reality. One random meeting turned the life of the protagonist of the series "Dangerous Henry" - 13-year-old boy met with Captain Chel, who was able to inspire his courage. For this superhero offered him to work together, but asked to keep it secret from all others, including best friends and relatives. A boy honestly tried to, although by the early 3 season his and ray's-Chela secret knows already and Jasper, and Charlotte. But it does not become a hindrance, because they also help to fight crime and evil! So now the residents of Smelley can sleep like a superhero team is always on guard. In the new series of the series "Dangerous Henry" viewers waiting for even more adventures that will begin with the first episode. Because of his inattention, Jasper gives Piper piñata, inside which are not candy, and killer bees. Upon learning of this, Henry together with Chel comes up with a plan to prevent disaster: they dress up as clowns and try to sneak to a children's party to steal piñata...

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