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This series produced by BBC is dedicated to the greatest military leaders in the history of mankind. The heroes of the first season were: Attila the Hun, Hernan Cortes, Spartacus, Richard I the Lionheart, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Napoleon I Bonaparte. Some of them you know from the time of"school bench", with some of them you will meet for the first time.This series of films in its content does not look like a boring historical reference. Shot in a playful manner, with a beautiful recreation of battle scenes, costumes and life of the respective eras, the series is a fascinating and exciting spectacle. The main idea is not so much to get acquainted with historical events expressed in dates, but to get acquainted with these outstanding people as individuals.How did a simple boy, born of ordinary people, has gone down in history as the greatest warriors of the human race? To become a great commander is not enough to be an excellent strategist. There were many such people. Why did the armies follow them? What kind of person should you be to have many thousands of soldiers under your banners, entrust their lives to you and rush on your orders into the abyss of war? This you will learn by watching this, without exaggeration, a wonderful series.

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