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Five simple American Schoolgirls were just "thick as thieves". But then Alison mysteriously disappeared. After this incident, the way Hannah, Spencer, Emily and Aria separated. But a year after Alison disappeared, they're back together. We are not talking about the revival of friendship, the girls come together for a reason. They start getting text messages from a stranger who signs with an "a". These reports mention the secrets of former girlfriends, some of whom only Alison could have known. Did she lives and reminded about itself?nnEach of these girls is guarding some skeleton in her own closet. One managed to have an affair with a teacher. The second can not decide on his orientation. The third suffers from kleptomania, the fourth takes the groom's older sister. The mysterious "a" is blackmailing pretty little liars the disclosure of these secrets. But who is the author of the Epistles and what he wants?nn"Liars" - another series on the theme of"I know you...". As in any history Pro teenagers, here there is love, but there is no already becoming common place in such pictures ghouls and other evil spirits. Beautiful picture, well-known actors, intrigue - what else do you need for a teenage audience?

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