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"Hidden worlds" is a documentary art series, in which the creators decided to enlighten the audience that in addition to the large representatives of fauna on the human planet live more and small creatures. Rodents and reptiles can be no less interesting than various elephants, rhinos and hippos, and their life will also seem fascinating and filled with drama.Every day little creatures fight for life, confront major rivals and competitors for the right to own territory or for food. One has only to look at his feet, as we see a huge number of creatures that can not kill a man, but able to significantly spoil our lives.The film project contains unique shots about the life of mammals, which have adapted to modern conditions and have long occupied a niche in the eco-chain. Heroes live among people and in the wild, coexist and fight with other species, bear offspring and protect the territory. The unique film tells about the difficult fate of animals and creeping creatures, not exceeding the size of one meter.

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