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Although many believe that angels in a past life were human and became divine creatures, because of righteousness and kindness, every winged creation of the Lord forgets the past, becoming emotionless and indifferent. However, Lee Seul Bi have to remember what it means to be a man when on instructions from"senior management" entity is sent to the mortal world to protect the main character of the film"high school: it's Time to love".Angel goes to a local school, where Hyun learns and spends leisure time. The purpose of the girl is to instruct the ward on the path of the righteous, because man is very"cold" (morally) and does not show any desire to make friends. The guy, though, and leads a solitary lifestyle, enjoys among classmates in high popularity, because it has very good looks and talent. But the problem is that the hen is not interested in the Affairs of love.Moreover, he has a rival in the face of the newly-made half-brother, and now between the two guys begins a real war for the attention and love of a common mother. Lee will have to do a great job in order to take care of his ward at the proper level. However, the angel herself will need help, because surging feelings and emotions brought her into a state of shock, from which not everyone can get out on their own. Still, after all the celestial life, the girl did not know what love, friendship, anger and other feelings.

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