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People have always considered themselves the only inhabitants on the planet, only now they do not even realize how many really unique and amazing creatures live in this world. That is why the most incredible and interesting things always pass by them. But little Hilda is very different from the rest of the inhabitants. She is not used to sit back and she likes to explore the world. The baby wants to learn as much as possible about the world in which she lives and thereby diversify her gray days. She believes that she will definitely be able to find something truly interesting and incredible. Indeed, the baby manages to find new friends who make her look at life very differently. Ahead of her will be waiting for a lot of incredible events that will make a complete change in attitude to life. Of course she met with such amazing and incredible creatures like trolls, dwarves, giants, tree people and many others, whom people often consider only fiction and something out of the ordinary. However, what will actually wait for the girl and how dangerous will all these creatures with whom she will have to meet and make friends?

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