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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
17-year-old hero looks no different from their peers. Difficult life circumstances have caused amazing events, the guy is able to control their abnormal abilities, and they broke out. He does not want to cause trouble to people, everything happens by itself.The divorce of the parents breaks the soul apart, the high school student has no idea how his close-knit family will now live apart? Grandmother protects and guides the lover boy. It turns out that superpowers got her grandson from his grandfather, powers and killed him."When you see a pack of starlings, control yourself" – said the old woman.Faith is a cute girl now be called sister, but the young man is not a fraternal feeling, and she likes oval. The boy did not have time to think how it would be good that the opponent disappeared, as he on the bike gets under the wheels of the truck, he survived and is in a coma. Young Superman comes to the hospital and through the glass chamber, concentrating all his strength, brings Osval from oblivion.The hero, to understand himself, does not want to seek help from his parents and goes to the teacher. With the help of a doctor studying the poltergeist, they conduct research. On all four, at the same time thrown cubes six times in a row the number hidden by the kid falls out, and on hours according to his mental instruction of an arrow turn back. Adults are shocked, what to do with all this?

Televison show HIM seasons available for download - 1,2

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