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Historical series, which are developed in Sunny Spain in the II century BC. The earth's warmer climate has always attracted invaders, particularly the Romans. They declared a fierce war on the people of Spain. A well-known fact that the conquest of Gaul from Julius Caesar took only five years, while on conquering these lands the Romans had spent more than two hundred years.But the inhabitants of Spain do not like to be under the yoke of the colonizers and gradually formed a revolutionary mood in society. In a country engulfed in war under the leadership of Viriat, the Spanish rebels decide to fight back any conquerors. They make inhuman efforts to avenge the abuse of their women and the death of their children. The Viriat squad is fighting for freedom and the opportunity to give a peaceful and prosperous future to their families who are still alive. Amid the horrors of war are developing some romantic scenes. However, not all lovers managed to find happiness in the arms of a loved one. Some of them lost their halves in bloody battles against the oppression of the Roman praetor Galba.The drama shows that the revolt of only one person, in this case a simple shepherd, can completely change the fate of the whole state. The main thing is to want and a person can do the impossible, to survive in the Hellfire of battles, to defeat a stronger and more powerful enemy. Everything is in our hands.

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