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Selfless and purposeful character of the film Stein, nicknamed "Bullet" by mistake got behind bars. The police and prosecutors failed to prove the majority of criminal episodes attributed to Pula. the term of imprisonment was quite tolerable. Parole accelerated adaptation mechanism of the former prisoner to live in freedom. Unfortunately, this did not save Stein of new bugs. In prison Bullet dreamed of life of the righteous, but in real life, honesty and fairness were absolutely unnecessary for people quality! Modern society respects the heroes who protect not only themselves but also others from cruelty, violence, and other atrocities. At the exit from the prison Bullet he waited his younger brother and friends - a talented landscape painter Ruby and Leicester. Prison heightened sense of justice leaves no other choice. Honest work for pennies on the production of Pula due to personal ambitions do not really want to. After all, he will not be able to adapt to the team, please follow the rules and every leader. As always, easy profit will go into the hands of bullets.

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