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Another Korean action movie with a full plot intrigue that keeps the viewer in constant suspense, from Director Park Ki-Hyun. Starring Shin don Ho, TA-Yong Jo.An ordinary Korean teenager Kang Yu lives his boring and gray life without understanding either his classmates, who openly mock the guy, or his own family, who believes that all complaints are nothing more than childish stupidity and unwillingness to join the team. Once our hero finds an old book on martial arts and independently tries to master the basics of hand-to-hand combat. He even begins to make some progress, as far as possible in self-study. Once in the alley he was attacked by several thugs for the purpose of robbery. A weak-looking teenager seems to them a suitable victim, but the boy is not so simple. He uses learned techniques to save his life and property, and healthy and physically strong opponents in horror scatter from his blows. Since then, the nickname"thug hunter" sticks to Kang Yu, and the boy himself even begins to enjoy the respect of classmates, only he does not care anymore, because he meets his spiritual mentor. Now his whole life is a series of trainings, successes and defeats. In the free time he didn't have a single minute, but the boy felt absolutely happy. In addition, in the hall he met with wonderful guys who help him to know the price of true friendship, and at the same time and meets his first love.

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