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  • Comedy
In the center of the plot was a popular host of one of the shows about the repair, Tim Taylor, as well as his family, colleagues and friends. The hero began his career with a simple seller of construction tools in one of the companies, and now he leads his show, where he gives advice on how to carry out construction work around the house. Taylor is confident and prefers to do something first, and then think. The hero managed to win the love of the audience and secure the status of a star, because all the attention is focused on him. Tim has a colleague al Borland playing a modest role in the project, although that's not entirely fair. In fact, al knows a lot more and well versed in the repair matters. But he is not as confident as his colleague and comrade Tim. Interestingly, Taylor is a talented master only on the TV screen. Home hero has to suffer from inability and inability to physical work. For that he just will not take, without thinking, be sure to spoil and break. Sometimes because of his inept manipulation of the house have to call the fire Department. It's amazing how in this craftsman house has still not collapsed. And this person with such confidence distributes all advice from the TV screen.