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Teenage life is especially hard for children who grew up in a difficult family environment. The protagonist of the biographical film "Memory" knows this from his own experience. He grew up under the strict supervision of his father – a strict and tries to instill in her son the same qualities. However, Ivan Cohen grew up completely different from a relative, wanted to instill in him their values of life. But if a child is not particularly played the role, the closer to the transition age van became the cause of several problems. Mitigates the circumstances and the fact that the action takes place in California – the place where the sun always shines. Despite the strict upbringing, the hero grows a man with his own worldview. He wants to feel the trials of life completely, ignoring his father's instructions. Soon Ivan falls in love with a girl, but she barely notices him. Complete the overall picture of friends who behave like real sloppies. Even the guy's family is not trying to help him find his place in life. Ivan has to cope with the difficulties on their own, not hoping for the support of others.