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Original Title: House of Lies
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Channel: Showtime
Creators: Matthew Carnahan
Language: English
Description: "Abode of lies" season 2 is a funny drama Comedy, filmed by American filmmakers. The script is based on Martin Kean's book "house of lies". The protagonist of the series Marty Kaan-a successful Manager of a large consulting company, for which there are no impossible tasks. To achieve the goal, he uses all possible means and methods, which are sometimes not very ethical. He's a business shark with no remorse. Marty Kaan can get any materials, any information for his customers. As a professional, he has no equal, but in his personal life – continuous problems and unresolved issues. Ex-wife Marty-Monica-wants to issue custody of his son Roscoe, because Marty spends little time on his son and is not engaged in his upbringing. Marty doesn't want to lose his son, but Roscoe leaves him. Marty tries to sleep with Monica after a violent scandal in the cafe. Co-worker Marty Jenny finds out from him the details of last night. She is concerned about whether they had sex or not, because neither she nor Marty do not remember anything.

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