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In 2003, Iraqi television broadcast the ultimatum of President George W. Bush. Americans demand that Hussein and his sons leave the country within 48 hours, otherwise the war will begin. Family dictator in a hail of bullets leaves the Palace.1979. After the Iraqi revolution, Saddam fears the growing influence of Khomeini and tries to maintain friendly relations with the United States, declaring war on Iran. After surviving the assassination attempt, he severely deals with the suspects. To firmly hold the chair, the head of state enters into an Alliance with the clan of al-Majid, marrying the daughter of their head, she became the second wife of Hussein. Samira is outraged by her husband's marriage, but she can't help it.The leader of Iraq declares victory over Iran, hiding the colossal sacrifices of his country. 1995. The fighting in the Persian Gulf has finally deprived Iraq of its livelihood. Hussein presents a genealogical tree, allegedly confirming the belonging of his family to the prophet Muhammad.2003. The tyrant's sons Uday, Qusay and grandson Mustapha killed by an American missile. The dictator claims that his dead children are heroes of Jihad. Meanwhile, his bodyguards are building an underground tunnel. The Americans are taking one of them. During operation Red dawn, Hussein is captured. The international court of justice, held in 2006, sentenced him to death.

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