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Original Title: Hubert & Staller
  • Genres:
  • Crime
Channel: ARD,ATV
Creators: Oliver Mielke,Philip Kaetner
Description: In the center of the television series of humorous events with the dramatic overtones is one Richard Graves - now is not the most well-known politician, who in the past had the opportunity to spend two terms in office of President of the United States. All his life the series protagonist was sure he takes the right decisions, but recently he was disappointed - suddenly filled with newspaper articles that Richard policy proved disastrous for the country. Carefully examine all written about him, Graves realizes - in the words of these scoundrels from the newspapers and television have something with which to argue impossible. Resigned with the words that he is the worst of all the presidents, Richard begins to tire of his present life - a career is declining, all performances are boring and monotonous, and colleagues entirely greedy and dishonest. And then there's the wife hires a young assistant to him, trying to realize their own ambitions. Taken together, all this makes the men in the company of sexy waitress to go to all lengths to mend at least some portion of the mistakes he made as president! What eventually lead him crazy desire and whether he can fix anything?

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Release date: 09/12/2020
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