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The human body is still not fully understood, although in our world for a long time there is a high-tech medical equipment that can explore any corners of the body shell. In some cases, our body can show tremendous opportunities, which we did not expect from him.In a fascinating documentary series from the Discovery channel"the human Body: the Limits of the possible" clearly demonstrates the fact that a person can demonstrate superpowers in terms of endurance, strength and speed. The film presents the stories of some people who in their lives faced extreme situations and showed unexpected abilities.Researchers from all over the world provided the creators of the project with all available information about the activities of the brain and muscles of the body during crisis situations. So, for example, mother, having noticed that her child in danger, showed force big, than at the strongest man. This is not the only case in history proven by facts, and everyone will be able to get acquainted with the known science information about how our physical shell works in extreme conditions.TV series"the human Body: the Edge of the possible" has won many positive reviews from critics and viewers. Those who looked at the project noted the indisputability of the facts shown, the quality of visualization and a good production.

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