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The series"human universe" is a scientific and documentary project that reveals to the viewer the most intimate secrets of our corner of the Galaxy. The host of the TV series Brian Cox, guided by proven facts and various scientific data, will share with us all the known information about Space, will answer the most important and popular questions of mankind about whether we are alone in the Universe. Also, the viewer will be interested to know the vision of the creators of the picture about what awaits us in the near and distant future. Will people be able to continue to exist as carefree, or in the coming years we will inevitably look guests from other planets?Of course, there is still a lot of unknown and unknown, our planet and humanity itself is not so developed in order to send expeditionary missions to remote corners of the Galaxy. But every year a veil of mystery is revealed over this or that topic, and we, ordinary people, are witnessing the development of science and secret technologies, the calling of which is the search for answers to topical and burning questions.Professor Brian Cox became famous for his pessimism, but in this project he is based only on reliable and proven facts. Fans of serious space fiction film project"human universe" is guaranteed to be enjoyed.

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