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Kin Min GU lives in a huge mansion with a luxurious house all alone. The hero is sure if the end of the world comes, he will not die, because he has acquired a million skills, how to survive alone. Ming GU was forced to become a recluse because he suffers from a rare form of Allergy. The touch of any person causes exacerbation, swelling and blisters throughout the body. The hero of the series was tired of loneliness, So he came up with a bride, a tiny helper at home – a robot. Together they celebrate the birthday of one of the top with balloons and cake. The birthday girl received tender words and a package of batteries as a gift.Scientists have invented a robot remarkably similar to a human and named it aji-3 after a company recently acquired by kin Min GU. Flash drive, which recorded footage of the game Android tennis, shocked the hero. He immediately orders a copy for himself. By an absurd accident, the electronic body fails, and the inventors hire a living girl Cho Zhi A, who dreams of meeting Min GU to pay for the offense. It is impossible to live without love, even children know this, is it possible to have feelings between a person and a robot?

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