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Before you have a humorous film about two young scientists - Alex Hesse and Larry Arbogast, who are engaged in a very important issue in the world of medicine - infertility. This is really a very serious problem, the successful solution of which can make tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of people happy, give them the joy of motherhood and fatherhood. But suddenly, the sponsors of this program decided to stop funding the project, and the painstaking scientific work is on the verge of failure. What to do? The film "Junior" tells about how the heroes decide to take a desperate step - to personally take part in this experiment. Its essence lies in the fact that one of the scientists in the abdominal cavity put the embryo, but because of drugs, they themselves invented, the embryo has taken root in the male body. Now the most important thing - it is to be able to live so unusual for a young man to nine months. What happens?

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