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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
  • Family
The plot of the Japanese film drama"I am at home" tells the unique story of Yaji Hisashi — a man trying to reveal the secret of his recent past. The hero has completely lost the memory of the last five years of his life. Had this trouble with a character due to them the accident that occurred during his visit to a mission associated with obtaining the new service destination. From that moment Hisasi's wife and son visit him for some reason in masks and he is not able to see and understand their true feelings and emotions. Now the character can not even admit to himself that he feels for his wife and child and this uncertainty forces the man to suffer greatly. At the same time in memory remained attached to his ex-wife, with whom he divorced five years ago, and their wonderful daughter. What was during that period of time about which there is no slightest memory? To restore the memory of the events of the last five-year plan and to understand what happened to him, the hero goes on a trip, taking with him a bundle of ten mysterious keys — an object that was in his hands at the time of the accident and connecting it with the former existence. The poor guy is convinced that if you can understand why this thing was in his hands-he will be able to remember the past. The further the trip goes, the more a man learns about an insensitive person, obsessed with work, which he was in the past...What secret is hidden in a bundle with ten keys? What was the reason for parting with his first beloved wife and adored daughter?