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American semi-utopian story about the survival of people in the harsh North, shot by order of the discovery channel. Kariten is considered a documentary, because it is filmed on the real history of active preppers, chained themselves to the icy wilderness.A small group of volunteers decides to leave the mainland with its taxes, rules and laws and go to the icy desert of Canada, where thousands of miles there is nothing but cold, wind and permafrost. Each of the participants has their own reasons to escape from the mainland, but they are all desperate for peace, hoping to find it in the harsh conditions of the North. However, once in this little hell on earth, they quickly realized that the laws of nature are much harsher and more dangerous than the laws of man, the Vedas, there is no room for a mistake or wrong decision. The life of the whole team depends on the capabilities of each participant – they need to produce fuel, prepare food, learn to fix their own floating houses, so that they are frozen in the ice by all the rules and do not turn over. In General, there is no romance in all these actions. But the most amazing thing-every day being literally a step away from death, the guys do not despair, but on the contrary, they are absolutely happy in their loneliness and hard work. It is very important to do everything synchronously and quickly, because in the near future the frosts will increase, and if they do not have time to prepare food and water in time and fix their own homes, in the next seven months they have a real chance to just die under the ice. And there's sickness, frostbite and the inability to simply take a shower…

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