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Original Title: Ice
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: Audience
Creators: Robert Munic
Language: English
Description: Fantastic Thriller co-produced by New Zealand and the UK, which was directed by Nick Kopus. Disaster films about the distant and not very future of our planet have been shot a lot, and they are released almost every year. Nevertheless, this subject continues to be interesting for the audience, especially if the filmmakers manage to invent and show a unique development of events. About the explosions, global warming, asteroids, comets, and changing magnetic poles, nuclear winter, the flood, who did not make a film! And this picture does not stand out from this list. This time its action takes place in the near 2020. On the island of Greenland, a certain energy company produces drilling. Ecologist Tom Archer comes to the conclusion that the continuation of these works can lead to the fact that the glaciers will melt. Of course, the Professor, as usual, no one listens. In order to collect evidence of his innocence, the hero goes to the North, to the Arctic, and then makes sure that the life of all mankind is under serious threat. He decides to return home to save at least his family members. Meanwhile, the speed of melting ice increases very quickly ... will Anyone be able to escape? Is it possible to stop this deadly process? Or will the film have a sad but instructive ending?

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