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A dramatic Japanese film about a hard life and sudden twists of fate from Director Masanori Murakami. Starring Erica Sawajiri, Re Nishikido.A simple Japanese family. Simple human relationships. Parents who own a small shop selling tofu, children who are trying their best to help their family and study in a good school. It would seem that the fate of this cute and harmless family has prepared a terrible? Aya-the eldest daughter of her parents, clever and beautiful, the real pride of mom and dad, independently enrolled in one of the best universities in the country. All her life she dreamed of helping people, and therefore chose the appropriate specialty. That's only a few months before leaving for school, my mother began to notice her daughter strange and frightening things – the girl could fall out of the blue, periodically lost coordination and began to complain of headaches. After examination in hospital it became clear that this promising student has a rare and incurable disease at which the body completely ceases to obey and each movement causes intolerable pain. There is no treatment, there is no chance, but the girl tries not to give up, undergo painful courses of injections, long-term rehabilitation, and tries to overcome her illness with all her might. She always wanted to help people. After her death, she published her secret diary, which Aya had been keeping since she was 15 years old, and in which she described her life and how she wanted to live and struggled with the disease, despite the daily pain and suffering. This story has helped many people to believe in themselves and to continue the treatment so that the Traveler has completed its mission.

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