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An ordinary-looking guy named Josh is engaged in one of the first tests of new applications for smartphones, which eventually become public. His blog is quite popular on the Internet and has a large number of readers. Once unknown people contact the hero and offer him to test a new, completely unique application. Josh, of course, rejects this proposal, not knowing how it all will turn out. The essence of the program is that a person must perform certain tasks, and for each completed task, he, depending on the complexity, earns points. Josh quickly became interested in the new application, because all the tasks were interesting and funny. And the more he did, the more he noticed how his life began to change. The guy was able not only to find a prestigious job and win decent money, but also achieved the attention of the girl, which previously could only dream of. This all changed his usual and unremarkable life, making it more exciting and interesting. But gradually tasks became not only more difficult, but also more dangerous. Now Josh has to commit crimes and really risk their health,but to stop him is no longer under force, because the application is too long.