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As you might imagine easily the title of ZDFneo series, a majority of the action takes place from behind bars. In jail told from the lives of three prisoners who have not only each other but also with her therapist cope. In concrete terms, these are the Mafiosi Erdem, former bank officials Manni and the con artist Earl. All of them have with Nora, the therapist, talk about their problems and find a solution to make prison life more bearable. But then calculated Manni in love with Nora and brings the events in the prison mess completely.    Main characters of the jail Erdem azimuth (Denis Moschitto) is the head of a criminal gang and has his last job in not carefully enough planned. Now he is behind bars and will have to bother with Manni and the Count.    Manfred "Manni" Schuster (Tristan Seith) was once as an employee in a bank until he went to his boss's throats. This was primarily due stress and frustration - both personally and professionally.    Alexander "The Count" Vontrab (Manuel Rubey) has made a name for himself as a con artist and deserves especially with luxury real estate a fortune. But his luck did not last forever.    Nora Meindl (Marleen Lohse) operates as a therapist in the prison in which Erdem, Manni and the count are located. It is the firm belief that in humans is something good. (MH)

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