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Endless debts like pull the rope on the neck, causing it to go to desperate measures. The main character of the series, buddy Dobbs, owed a very large amount of money and is deeply mired in debt. His life has turned into a living hell and there is no clear light. Peace and peace of mind for him remained in the distant past. With him constantly demanding the money that he is obliged to return. Buddy himself would have been happy to pay off the debts, but the amount is so large that he did not earn so much.
buddy his situation seems hopeless: he can not return the money, he is constantly pressured on all sides. The only way to deal with the terrifying reality he finds a desperate step – suicide. Deprive yourself of life is a bold step, but the hero is ready to go for it, because nothing else he could not think of. Dobbs is about to give up his life, and it seems that there is no chance. However, the situation takes unexpected turns. Instead of death, the hero got the last chance. He gets into a small provincial town, where he can start a new life. The changes are very unexpected, but you can not delay, because more chances he may not be. Will buddy be able to keep the luck that fell into his hands?

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