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A British documentary series commissioned by the BBC about the greatest human inventions imaginable. The film was directed by the famous Matt Grosh, who specializes in films of this genre.Behind every ingenious invention that facilitates human life, there are decades of work of various scientists who spend their lives to implement their projects with maximum benefit for future generations. Scientific symposia, debates and joint discussions of brilliant ideas give impetus to the development of science and technology. Now we have in our Arsenal giant cranes, huge machines that provide water and electricity to entire cities and other important things, without which no modern man can no longer imagine its existence. Technology is so firmly established in our lives that it is almost impossible to surprise the modern man with another invention, and meanwhile scientists continue to work on more and more miracles of engineering thoughts, which should take on part of the duties of people and thus give them the opportunity to move on. In the series, the viewer can plunge into the past-what began the history of technology, and get acquainted with those who put their lives to become pioneers of modern gadgets and mechanisms. The history of science and engineering from the very first moments to the present day is revealed to the audience in bright and detailed shots. For fans of such stories, the film will be a real boon.