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  • Drama
According to the recent tradition, films about zombies and the Apocalypse often tell about the struggle of people and zombies in a destroyed world. As in the first part, the series "in the flesh" season 2 will tell the opposite: how zombies are trying to fight for their place in the sun. Kieran is a teenager who used to be a zombie. People managed to find a vaccine, and now he's human again. But society is not too willing to accept such returnees. Kieran is very difficult to get used to the once native Roarton. He wears lenses so people can't see his empty eyes. Kieran continues to undergo his treatment. The town formed an Alliance of opponents of former killers. Maxine Martin gets a high position. She's a known opponent of ex-zombies. Kieran faces new challenges. "In the flesh" is more of an allegory and derision of the society. A society that cannot forgive and accept others.

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