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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Lee Chang SOK had just an incredible wealth, and therefore it is not surprising that soon all this money encroached dear to him people. His mistress, conspiring with the Secretary and best friend of the millionaire decide to get all the money in a fairly simple way. Or rather, they intend to remove Lee Chang Juice and all his family, who may become his heirs. It is just enough to crank. They kill the man and wife do is to blame and thus sent to jail and removed from the game. His son, they just tried to take the life thus opening the way for money. Only a guy doesn't actually die, he loses his memory, and grows up like a normal mortal without even knowing he's actually the heir to such a state. After studying to be a lawyer, he begins to take on various complex cases, wanting to restore justice. And one among all of his works come across something that allows him to start to slowly remember the past. All those memories that slowly emerge in his memory help to deal with this case. Only now will he be able to return what is rightfully his, and at the same time and release his mother finally to freedom?

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