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By the end of the twenty-first century, the generally accepted system of political governance of countries on the planet proved to be untenable when, as a result of a global cataclysm, all power was concentrated in the hands of the heads of several huge corporations. They now control the distribution of the remaining sources of drinking water and dictate the living conditions of hundreds of millions of people. Thousands of disenfranchised employees of a giant in the field of healthcare Spiga Biotech working day and night on a handful of prosperous snobs, watching from the Windows of their luxury cars for a measly fuss beggars on the streets of abandoned cities. Only a select few can afford a luxurious life. Among the carefree wealthy lucky ones and Ben Larson, a young but already very successful Manager, famously climbing the career ladder thanks to the relationship with Elizabeth, the owner of the company. Her daughter Laura recently told Ben " Yes " and now a happy couple is waiting for their first child. But in fact, an educated, courteous, intelligent and very charming man – a stranger, illegally appropriated a stolen identity. Aaron at first penetrated into the Corporation with only one purpose: to snatch his beloved, who fell out of poverty in sexual bondage, from the clutches of wealthy Libertines. But later, when he was able to get a good position, Aaron emerged a different, more daring plan. The protagonist of the series "Corporation" realized that to give up the opportunity once and for all to destroy this hornet's nest is impossible, even despite the risk of being exposed, because you can always put an end to injustice…

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