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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
An exciting Mexican drama series tells the story of power and hard struggle.They say every successful man has a woman behind him. Loving, understanding and supportive. What else do you need in order to rush to the stars? On the newly elected President of Mexico, the whole country looked with anticipation, placing great hopes on the man. The need for change, reform, a new approach, the difficult socio – economic situation-with all this, the new administration of the head of state promised to deal with, winning the elections. The time for change has come, and serious conflicts and popular discontent cannot be resolved by ordinary talk. With the same eyes I saw my beloved wife and the first lady named Emilia Urkisa, who put all her faith and love in her husband, knowing that he will fulfill all his promises to the people and her. However, the time has come for political action. And it turned out that the President – one continuous disappointment. Both for voters and for the woman they love. The main character had to severely hit the wall of reality, when she learned about many unpleasant and even illegal schemes, as well as the intrigues that the husband kept from her all this time. What should we do now? Will people have to forget about positive changes before the next elections? One day everything is turned upside down for Emilia. She is involved in a very dirty and dangerous scandal. Henceforth its fate hangs in the balance. This has gone too far. Circumstances brought to murder, dirty political games and continuous lie. Will a strong woman be able to tell the whole truth, to withstand all the blows and change the situation for the better?

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