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Historical eight-part French television series directed by Nicolas Kuch, which tells the story of hard times for the Catholic Church, called the Papal schism. In the story of a serial picture, one of the two contenders for the highest religious post, who proclaimed himself the true Pope Clement VII, sends his confidant – the great Inquisitor Barnal in the city of Carpentra. The purpose of the visit to this settlement is to investigate the truly diabolical crime committed there, connected with the body of the city priest found, crucified on the cross in front of his Cathedral. Arriving at the place, Barnal and his student immediately find themselves in the center of some sinister game, the purpose of which is vague, and the means of blood and unpredictable. An experienced fighter against heresy quickly realizes that what happened to the unfortunate priest is only the beginning of the upcoming bloody confrontation that threatens everyone who has to do with Church activity. There are already the first suspects - Jewish doctors practicing strange and possibly dangerous medical techniques, breaking the bans at the time. So begin a risky search for the truth about the mysterious forces that grossly violated the lives of citizens and, presumably, even caused an outbreak of the plague that suddenly struck the locals.

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