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People want to live under protection. In the series we will focus on the team, right from the decision of which depend on hundreds of lives. Is it easy to work in one of the most influential secret services, where decisions are made on the basis of huge flows of diverse information?Group Chris Borg under cover of night delivered in one of airports the US international criminal. The transfer is almost over, when it comes to information about the terrorist attack in Paris. The responsibility was taken by representatives of ISIS. The first explosion occurred at the stadium, where the football match was attended by the President of France and many high-ranking officials. Within 5 minutes 6 more points in different districts of the city were attacked. If it happened in Paris, maybe in new York. All team members are on duty, everyone is doing their job responsibly. Analysts study the flow of information, including in social networks. Everyone's focused to the limit.The head of the group-the son of Mexican immigrants, he dreamed from childhood that he would become a member of the security services. Quwain Levis went crazy when the September 11 within 3 hours could not get through to the parents. Chris Forbes is an officer, his wife harmony is an analyst. In the period of terrorist threats see daughter extremely rare. Such they are people who protect the peace of the inhabitants of the planet.

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