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Apocalypse so worries modern Directors, that it is difficult to count number of cinematic projects on the subject. But not always among them come across high-quality movies and TV series, which is why the sophisticated audience this segment may seem oversaturated. Fortunately, the fantastic Saga "in the desert of death" does not belong to such category. This is an exciting series with a unique storyline that can not attract. Events unfold in the distant future after a global catastrophe. Much of the planet is a vast desert, with very few habitable places left. One of them is an Oasis divided into six sectors by a group of influential businessmen, each of whom has full control over the selected territory, which makes everything that happens remotely reminiscent of the middle Ages. The protagonist Sunny in the past was a mercenary and served one of the six barons, but now the warrior is no longer subject to anyone, preferring to protect their own interests. Having avoided death in the last part, at the beginning of the 3rd season Sunny reunites with Badji, Lydia and Tilda, after which the whole company meets a new enemy.

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