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The story begins immediately with the emergence of Ika Musume near the beach Umi no Ie Lemon. In a monologue she explains her goal to subjugate humanity as revenge because of the pollution of the oceans. As a first step, she puts this submission, the operator of that bar, which is run by the Aizawa sisters. But quickly, it turns out that Ika has not the slightest idea of ​​the world of men. Since Ika Musume only as a 13 to 14-year-old looks like and Eiko Aizawa (Aizawa Eiko) treats them accordingly, it shows for the first time their skills by using their tentacles, which are also their hair, they destroyed a wall of the shop. As a result, they Eiko clamps to process the repairs as employees, which turn out its tentacles hair as a big help. When she wants to get serious with the conquest, it takes only Eiko and then their little brother Takeru caught Aizawa (Aizawa Takeru).    Chizuru Aizawa (Aizawa Chizuru) but - the externally made a friendly but closed impression, but hidden behind this facade is a dark side - it is effortless to bring Ika under control. From fear and to make amends, she works firmly from now on in the bar case Ikas special features are exploited to do business again. for example, their ink is used for preparing food.    Takeru to Ika builds soon a loose friendship. Likewise, the Lifeguards Goro Arashiyama (Arashiyama Goro) joins added again, who is secretly in love with Chizuru. Very popular Ika is at Eiko's neighbor and friend Sanae Nagatsuki that head over heels in love and she is making plans for an intimate relationship with Ika. but this kind of affection is self-Ika too much, which is why they prefer to hide from her. In contrast, the surfer Nagisa Sait sees Ika truly a threat and is correspondingly scared - to the delight of Ika, as it sees it for the first time a person who brings to her the appropriate reverence.    As another curiosity, the American Cindy Campbell joins them, which keeps with her slightly crazy, three-member research team Harris, Clark and Martin Ika for aliens and prefer to procrastinate in a research lab will würde.Eine real friend Ika finally in the middle school student Kiyomi Sakura that they meet at a naive failed bell coating, and then attempting to explain away thereof. Another important main character is Ayumi Tokita, the daughter of the owner of a rival beach house. Since Ayumi is a very pretty girl, she would be perfectly even able to attract the guests; However, she is shy and quite still, as a result, so that it hides behind the most disturbing Kigurumi replicas of Ika Musume who builds her father and used to boost his business somewhat.

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